Tuition-Free Diploma of Biblical Studies

The Diploma of Biblical Studies (DipBS) is a one-year course in biblical and theological studies. The IFEBS is offering this one-year course for free. You can study the lessons whenever you want, at your own pace and at any order. There is no time limit.

Free Awards!

Introduction To The Bible Award
(Sample Free Award)

If you pass an exam you will receive an email with the results and a link to download the free award for the course.

This means you can receive an award for all free courses available at IFEBS: Bible Study & Tools, Introduction to the Bible, Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies and Christian Theology.

We offer this a completely free certification for the courses taken in case you do not wish to take the full online program or cannot afford the Graduation Fee for the Diploma of Biblical Studies.

The awards are in PDF format, can be downloaded and saved to your device and of course you can print them.

Diploma of Biblical Studies

Diploma of Biblical Studies (sample)
(Sample Diploma)
  • Bible Study & Tools
  • Introduction
    – About the Bible
    – Introduction to the Bible
  • Old Testament Studies
    – Introduction
    – Survey of the Old Testament
  • New Testament Studies
    – Introduction
    – Survey of the New Testament
  • Christian Theology
    – Systematic Theology
    – Biblical Theology
    – Eschatology

After completing a section of the core program you can take an online exam. After passing all exams the Diploma for Biblical Studies can be applied for, if you pass the exams with a minimum score of 70%.

The Diploma of Biblical Studies will be sent in PDF-format, by email, for a small “graduation fee“.

The level of the Diploma of Biblical Studies core program can be compared to any Diploma of Biblical Studies, Associate of Arts in Bible or an Associate Degree in Ministry. We carefully selected the course material to match the requirements for this Diploma by comparing* and mirroring our program with the programs offered by other seminaries and Bible schools who offer distance education.

Accelerated program

An ‘accelerated’ program is also possible by taking the exams without studying the course material. Even though it is possible and allowed, we still recommend that you read the course material. See the FAQ for more information on this.

Optional reading

The coursework also includes optional reading materials. You are not required to read or study them but we suggest you at least save them on your computer for future references.

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Yarah Bijbel College

If you are living in the Netherlands or can read Dutch, please visit our Dutch website at We offer two different certificate programs at the Dutch websites plus a Diploma of Biblical Studies.

Gratis Bijbelschool - Yarah Bijbel CollegeThe Yarah Bijbel College has been offering distance education since 2004. Thousands of students have studied several lessons or courses. We are offering certificate programs since 2012 at our website and over 600 students (2022) have enrolled in one of the certificate programs. Several Christian congregations and churches have incorporated our lessons into their congregational education programs.


* Programs we’ve compared the Diploma of Biblical Sudies we offer with are from (amongst many others) Moody Bible Institute’s Biblical Studies Series Certificate, Emmaus Correspondence School’s Diploma of Biblical Studies (discontinued), Certificate in Christian Ministry by Birmingham Theological Seminary, Diploma of Biblical Studies by BBNBI, certificate of biblical studies diploma by AMES International School of Ministry, MINTS Biblical Studies course, Far Eastern Bible College core curriculum, Nations University, Northwestern Seminary Online, and many, many others.