How to enroll

Free Diploma of Biblical StudiesHow to enroll in the Free Bible School program?

Registration is required to be able to take this course and if you want to take the exams and receive free awards or a Diploma of Biblical Studies.

There is no registration fee and no tuition for the courses. The coursework is available immediately to you after you create an account. You can study the lessons whenever you want, wherever you want, at your own pace and at any order. There is no time limit.

Take-home Exams
The tests are take-home, open book, exams. They are time limited and you can retake the exams multiple (3) times. If you fail to pass the exams after 3 times we will not accept a request to reset the results.

The exams are taken online, using multiple choice tests. Results are sent directly to you by email, as the exams are processed automatically. Exams can be taken at any time.

Time limit and retaking the exams
The exams are time limited depending on the number of questions. Exams can be retaken 3 times. Most exams consists of 40 questions. The questions are randomly selected from the database of questions. This means that different questions are asked every time.

Create account and Enroll

After you click on the enroll-button below you can create an account. Update your profile if you desire to do so (you will need to do so if you want to receive a diploma with the correct name on it!). After registration start your online course at the coursework page.



Please note: we use IP-tracking and other measures to prevent fraud. If you sign up using a new email and (nick)name to try to retake the exams, this will not go unnoticed and we will have to place an IP-ban on your account as well as revoke your Exam results or Diploma of Biblical Studies.