Welcome Message from the Chairman of Yarah Ministries

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In Search of the Truth

Study the Bible - Free Diploma of Biblical Studies

During my youth, I embarked on a quest for truth. Who am I? Why was I born? I yearned for an understanding of my existence.

Was I merely the product of a fortunate accident, resulting in the creation of the world and everything in it? Could our existence be attributed to chance, as scientists suggested, rendering it meaningless?

Religion seemed to hold the answers, so I explored science and various faiths, including the holy books of Christianity (the Bible) and Islam (Quran). The evidence supporting existence as a product of chance, as modern science teaches, seemed inadequate. The theory of evolution, despite its intriguing aspects, lacks a conclusive scientific foundation.

As for the Quran, I found it incomprehensible and lacking credibility due to its serious errors. A book claiming to be “handed down from Heaven” should be flawless, shouldn’t it? In my opinion, it fell short of that standard.

The Story of Jesus

To my surprise, the Bible not only proved to be reliable in many ways but also presented a compelling story. The story of Jesus. He came to restore the broken relationship between humanity and its Creator.

Jesus willingly sacrificed his own life to mend the rift between God and mankind. Either he truly was the Son of God, as he claimed, or he suffered from severe mental issues. If the latter were the case, we would never have heard from him again after his death.

At a young age, I concluded that among all the options I explored, the Bible provided me the most logical, albeit not scientifically conclusive, explanation for the origins of life—for the existence of humans and animals. Most importantly, it offered an answer to the fundamental question: “Why are we here?”.

A purposeful creation

— “so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 3:10).

God created the world, including the church (comprising His people), with the purpose of showcasing His wisdom to the rulers and authorities in heavenly realms. The purpose of creation was to glorify Him! Isaiah 43:7 states, “everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”

We were intentionally created for a purpose. Our existence is not a result of chance but a deliberate act of creation.

However, believing and accepting the Bible as the truth doesn’t mean you’re saved. The Bible also showed me that I was lost as a human being because of sin. That Christ had come to take this sin away from my life when I would put my trust in Him, repent and believe in Him and His atoning work. I therefore placed my life in Jesus’ hands, converted and was baptized.

The Bible, His Word

This led me to study the Bible more and more, I became actively involved in evangelism, youth work, trainings, became a bible study leader, co-founder and chairman of “Yarah Ministries” (www.yarah.nl) as well as a church planter.

My biblical studies began at a young age through the Dutch correspondence school “Wat zegt de Bijbel” (“What Does the Bible Say?”). Later, I pursued a three-month regional training program for church leaders, focusing on exegesis and leadership. Subsequently, I enrolled in the CEU program at Moody Bible Institute (Biblical Studies Certificate), Emmaus Correspondence School (Dip.BS*), attended courses at Birmingham Theological Seminary and Christian Leaders Institute (Christian Ministry Certificate), and completed numerous other online courses. Currently I’m studying for a Bachelor of Biblical Studies through Global Baptist Bible College.

My passion for learning remains insatiable! It has become a way of life for me. My goal is not to acquire diplomas or degrees for personal prestige but to continually deepen my understanding of God’s Word.

Since 1992, I have been involved with “Yarah Ministries” and its predecessor, “Werkgroep Bijbel Akueel.” The mission of Yarah Ministries has always been to provide free education about the Bible. We firmly believe that the truth lies solely within the Bible—a truth that not only offers the hope of eternal life with God but also enriches and fulfills our earthly lives spiritually. It is a life lived in communion with God!

Free Bible School

In 1996, Bijbel Aktueel commenced its online ministry, offering free Bible studies through its website. In 2004, Yarah Ministries started publishing online Bible courses through the “Internet Bijbel Cursus” and the “Scofield Bijbel Cursus.” Eventually, these efforts culminated in the establishment of the “Yarah Bible College”  (https://bijbelcollege.nl/) in 2012. In recent years, hundreds of individuals have registered, and dozens have earned Certificates or Diplomas in Biblical Studies.

— “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established” (Proverbs 24:3, ESV)

While obtaining certificates or even a diploma can be gratifying, it is not a prerequisite.

Rudy Brinkman - Chairman Yarah Ministries at IFEBSThe world, including employers and some churches, often places emphasis on diplomas and degrees. However, the Lord does not. What truly matters is engaging with God’s Word and studying it. Opening the Bible illuminates our life path (Psalm 119:105) and imparts wisdom.

International Free Evangelical Bible School
In 2022, we expanded our mission by establishing the International Free Evangelical Bible School (IFEBS). Our fervent hope and prayer are that this free Bible school will prove to be a tremendous blessing to you!

R. Brinkman
Chairman Stg BTO Yarah (Yarah Ministries)


* the program was discontinued by Emmaus during my studies
** Biblical Studies Certificate (Moody Bible Institute), Christian Ministry Certificate (Christian Leaders Institute)